Shipping & Returns


Products purchased/ordered from Union Prints may only be returned under the following circumstances:

  1. Wrong delivery of the product(s)
  2. Wrong product(s) description
  3. Error in product(s) size
  4. Not satisfied with the product(s)
  5. Delay in product delivery
  6. Request for change in color
  7. Damaged product

Apart from the conditions listed above, you can also return special products ordered for reasons known to you. Custom orders or personalized orders made specially for you cannot be returned (non-returnable). The custom or personalized products will include apparel but not limited to this.

You agree that once you meet the requirements listed above for product(s) returns, you will be granted permission to return the product(s) ordered. Note that, the product(s) need to be returned under the following terms:

  1. In its original form
  2. At resalable condition
  3. With untampered or unopened contents/packaging

Always remember to remove or detach your data and order information from the products you are returning. Ensure that there is no connected device linked to any cloud account (or any other device) so that the return on the product may be accepted.

To return any product(s) purchased or orders from Union Prints, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. You will be allowed to return a non-damaged product(s) within the displayed time frame stated on our website at the time of purchase.
  2. You are required to notify us within 48hours of delivery if you encountered damaged product. Failure to do so within the stipulated time, Union Prints will not be held responsible for the failure to return the order.
  3. All damaged product(s) will be picked up by Union Prints through the arrangement made by our logistics courier systems. In case we are unable to do so, you will be notified to dispatch the product yourself using your courier service. You will need to send us the tracking number to monitor the product(s) for a safe return, and a shipping fee will be reimbursed.
  4. All conditions stated in our return acceptance page must be met.
  5. It is advisable to package the returned product(s) thoroughly to avoid further damage during transit.
  6. The returned product(s) will be subjected to further scrutiny by Union Prints to ensure that the complaint about return is valid.
  7. Finally, if Union Prints fully acknowledges the product(s) return, the original value of the product as paid during the ordering of the product will be refunded. A refund will be made based on the mode of payment available by Union Prints.


Not all products are returnable, and you agree that such product(s) is termed non-returnable products. Union Prints will not accept product(s) under the following circumstances (but not limited to):

  1. Products that are damaged by the buyer
  2. Products with missing or incomplete parts due to your negligence
  3. Unoriginal form of the product
  4. Wrong delivery address by the buyer
  5. Delay in delivery caused deliberately by the buyer


Union Prints will ensure that items ordered are shipped within 24-48 hours after payment has been processed while the average transit time will be 5-7 business days. There will be free shipping on all items as no delivery charge(s) is applicable. Also, no minimum order is required for free shipping.

Remember that the delivery period will vary depending on your location, and all shipments are sent through our couriers like UPS, DHL, etc. It is essential to note that the courier may vary depending on your state.

Once your order is shipped, a mail containing your tracking information orders will be sent to you. You agree that Union Prints will not be responsible for lost or stolen products. Once our courier indicates delivery of the product(s), this marks the completion of our shipping transaction, and you are supposed to accept the product(s) upon delivery.

If a product is damaged at the point of delivery, you must notify us within seven business days by contacting us. Union Prints will ensure we notify our customers through a post on our website if there is a delay affecting our ability to ship.